Get Tested (Threesome): Where's the condom?

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OUT magazine rates "In the Moment" web series a must see!


In the Moment (2010-2013)
Created by Dave O'Brien
Official Website
Orientation: Self-Help Forum Melodramatics
Setting: West Hollywood, California
TRT: 27 episodes averaging 5.25mins
Premise: The website describes this Melrose Place-y series as "an HIV prevention campaign of LA Gay & Lesbian Center and the City of West Hollywood" and boy, they are not kidding. Almost every line of dialogue is, seemingly, designed to teach you something about safe sex, addiction or body image. It's almost drinking game worthy, but... that seems like that would defeat the purpose.

  • Cast:
     Jesse Lewis IV, John Bryan Davila, Pete Scherer, Nico Sky, Parv Cheena
  • Diversity: 3
  • Production Value: 2.5
  • Camp Level: 2
  • Eye Candy: 2
  • Acting: 1.5
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Ask a Porn Star - Episode 1

Q&A: Porn Star Brent Corrigan talks about sex, spanking and turning the heat up around healthy sex! 

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Looking...? Bring the right kind of protection.

Protect yourself and get your free condoms. You're gonna like the way they feel. 

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PrEP & PEP in WeHo


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MSM Shopping Network - The Crystal Meth Special

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WehoLife Videos Take a Edgy, Frank Approach to HIV Prevention

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Watch Bella walk through life with courage as a transgender woman.

Bella opens up about becoming a transgender woman.

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LA Times spreads the word

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Trans(formative) - A Day in the Life of Desiree Jade Sol

desiree_thumb.gifWatch the video after the jump!

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