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Ready to smile big and wide!? These kids react to the recent SCOTUS Marriage Equality ruling….

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Touching video kicking off 2015 Pride Month

To kick off LGBT Pride Month, NYC Pride has a new video out encouraging us to be mindful of all the LGBTs who came before us that didn't have the opportunity to have their voices be heard. Read more on

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Touching LGBT video out of Ireland: the Irish LGBT Youth & Parents Coalition call for a Yes vote in the forthcoming marriage equality referendum.

The BeLonG To lead coalition call on everyone to talk to their family and friends about why marriage equality is so important and to work for a Yes vote

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Early tests have shown that a single injection of the antibody into positive patients' (those who don't produce the rare antibody) dramatically decreased their viral loads and remained low for 28 days. Read more on Towleroad

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Empire's Taraji P. Henson sends Sesame Street into chaos on SNL


Find out what happens when Cookie the monster meets Cookie Monster... Read more on Towleroad

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Getting married in Indiana? Scrubs’ Dr. John Dorian and Dr. Turk Turkleton will make you pizza!

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Minor League Baseball Player Jason Burch Comes Out!


WeHo Life is inspired by LGBT Athletes. To celebrate athletics in the community we are developing a new section of our site simply dedicated to these heros. To start we would like to give a big Thank You to Jason Burch. Congrats! Read more on Towleroad

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The Truth About Truvada: Can One Pill Really Protect You From HIV?

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OUT magazine rates "In the Moment" web series a must see!


In the Moment (2010-2013)
Created by Dave O'Brien
Official Website
Orientation: Self-Help Forum Melodramatics
Setting: West Hollywood, California
TRT: 27 episodes averaging 5.25mins
Premise: The website describes this Melrose Place-y series as "an HIV prevention campaign of LA Gay & Lesbian Center and the City of West Hollywood" and boy, they are not kidding. Almost every line of dialogue is, seemingly, designed to teach you something about safe sex, addiction or body image. It's almost drinking game worthy, but... that seems like that would defeat the purpose.

  • Cast:
     Jesse Lewis IV, John Bryan Davila, Pete Scherer, Nico Sky, Parv Cheena
  • Diversity: 3
  • Production Value: 2.5
  • Camp Level: 2
  • Eye Candy: 2
  • Acting: 1.5
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WehoLife Videos Take a Edgy, Frank Approach to HIV Prevention

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