Somos WeHo / We Are All WeHo

Dedicado a las victimas de la massacre en el club nocturno Pulse / Dedicated to the victims of the Pulse Nightclub Attack

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Hip-hop artist Chlamydia’s new hit, “A Seriously Serious Condition”

Chlamydia’s hot new single has DROPPED.

It’s firey. It BURNS.

Sit that ass down as Chlamydia throws out some STD REALNESS.

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– Fab Fruits – 72

Jack Bauer from 24 got nothing on this!
Watch the Fab Fruits in their latest adventure in men’s sexual health – 72 Hours!!
Will Ted the Bear get the help he needs before the clock runs out?!
Will Pride get in the way of our heroes and their fruity work?
Watch as our Fab Fruits friends battle time, parades and dastardly Sunday office closures.
Do they have what it takes to get the job done in 72 hours?
Find out!

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The Fab Fruits and The STD of the Year Awards

The Fab Fruits are back and fighting for men’s sexual health in WeHo! Who will receive the STD of the Year Award ? Gonorrhea ? Chlamydia?! Will the Fab Fruits be able to stop these dastardly villains from further infecting WeHo?! Tune in to find out!

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Carried Away

It’s prom night at std high. Which std are you going to take? Watch out for chlamydia tho, cuz GURL she gets Carried Away

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Fabulous Fruits vs. Evil Syphilis - WehoLife Gaymation


Four guys from West Hollywood transform into three pieces of fruit...and a bear take on Evil Syphilis in the second video from WehoLife Gaymation.  Video after the jump.

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You've got 72 hours, girl! / / Peppy PEP Song


Sing along with our Gaymation peppy PEP song and learn how you can prevent HIV infection, even AFTER exposure! Video after the jump!

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