In the Moment - Sex. Life. West Hollywood.

West Hollywood's IN THE MOMENT series is sexy drama that helps fight HIV.

After 28 episodes and five seasons, In The Moment, the landmark web series that helped change the dialogue around HIV and spark discussions about safer sex, took its final bow last year, but you can still catch up on all the sexy drama.

The series, created by Dave O’Brien and sponsored by the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and the City of West Hollywood, came together at a watershed moment.

“It was at a time when we were really looking for fresh and innovative ways to promote safer sex,” says Susan Cohen, the Center’s Director of Health Education & Prevention Services. “Since the Internet was becoming a primary source for dating and hooking up, we knew we needed to be online… to reach people where they were.”

Check out In the Moment here, or watch the teaser below.


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