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LA Pride means drinking and partying for many, but for sober guys in Weho, it's all about attraction.

For many sober alcoholics and addicts, LA Pride can be a bit daunting.  "Pride is supposed to be a place where all of us feel comfortable," says one recovering alcoholic, "but I feel like for a lot of people it can be just an opportunity to get really drunk, and it still makes me a little uncomfortable to be around that."

Two years ago, LA Pride organizers planned a new feature, "Bill's Cafe."  Designed to be a refuge within the festival for sober Pride-goers, the sober oasis had an impact that was surprising to some.  "I think some people are surprised at how much fun we have in gay recovery in West Hollywood," says one recovering crystal meth addict.  "As we were hanging out at Bill's Cafe, people kept wandering by, thinking it was some kind of VIP area and asking if they could come in."

This year, organizers are stepping it up a notch with #SIZZLE! A Carnival of Attraction!.  Created by the producers of #BOOM, this year's popular sober New Years event, #SIZZLE will include performances and games in an alcohol and drug free environment.  

More information can be found on the #SIZZLE Facebook page

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