Ask A Porn Star 2.0 starring Dorian Ferro, episode 1

Rimming, safe sex on set, and dating porn stars. Dorian tells all! Your favorite sex-ed series is back and hotter than ever.

Starring Dorian Ferro, here to answer all your sexiest questions, from vanilla to kink, all for your viewing pleasure. Your welcome.

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Coco Peru PSA – The More you Know – HPV, Anal Cancer and You

Exclusive never seen before footage of Coco Peru’s latest PSA for men’s health 'The  More You Know – HPV, Anal Cancer and You'

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Ask a Porn Star: Brent Corrigan Episode 2

Love, Relationships, being the DP champ and how to deal with mess (es) – Brent answers YOUR questions in the latest installment of Ask A Porn Star

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MSM Shopping Network - The Crystal Meth Special

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Porn studs Diego Sans & Travis James - How to Use a Condom!


Porn hotties Diego Sans and Travis James show you how to put on a condom.  Woof!!

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Five Rules for a Joyful, Good F*CK with Miss Coco Peru


The legendary Miss Coco Peru stars in "Mother Knows Best," offering five rules for a joyful, good F*CK.  Watch the video after the jump.

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